Public Law

The Firm offers top tier assistance in public law, helping clients handle public authorisation and manage relations with public authorities.
We assist clients from the kick-off initiative or business up to its end game. We seek out the most efficient procedure for approval, forewarning any issues and assisting to provide budget input. We work together with our clients to make the proposed initiative or business activity compliant with public law, poised to be capable of achieving the consent of public authorities.
We then accompany our clients across each stage of the interaction with the public administration. Our assistance also covers the selection of local experts in the required technical matters and the coordination of their contributions to the procedure.
The firm has long-standing experience particularly in the branches of public law crucial for businesses: urban planning procedures and building permits, environmental authorisation and assessment, management of public assets, authorisation to exercise business activities.<br>
We stand ready to guarantee a 360° assistance for development, refurbishment, and renovation initiatives of buildings and/or areas on any scale and level, including urban regeneration initiatives of vast areas.We also offer the same assistance to open new business activities. We collaborate in the management of public assets and we handle the implementation of environmental procedures, even the most highly complex processes (environmental impact assessment, soil and water remediation).
The Firm further ensures its assistance with the drafting and revision of deeds and all kinds of agreements requested by the public law procedures, such as public agreements (including the “accordi di programma”).
The Firm also provides legal representation in judiciary proceedings before the Public Law Courts (Tribunali Amministrativi Regionali, Consiglio di Stato).