Litigation and Arbitration

Our lawyers boast many years of experience in all areas of civil litigation in which they constantly operate, providing top-level specialist assistance in civil, commercial and corporate litigation. The firm is also dedicated to disputes relating to the negotiation of financial instruments, compound interest and usury, banking and financial disputes in general, including those of a recoverable nature.

We boast among our clients the leading banking institutions in the country that have made use of our experience in disputes (from any complaint, to mediation, up to the actual judicial phase) connected to important situations of financial crisis, also in relation to profiles responsibility of the directors. We provide support in relations with all judicial and regulatory authorities and in arbitration.

Our experience gained at the highest levels and in pathological situations allows our Professionals to identify and prevent potential disputes, developing alternative strategies that can also be achieved through the use of dispute resolution tools, with particular regard to assisted negotiation, conciliation and mediation .